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I wonder if anyone still remember hearing people call the hair gel, ‘brillantina’.

I do as it was my grandfather who used to call it like this when he used just a few to keep his fine but bushy silver threads on place.


Gum, or rather Brillantine, is the name of a hair salon which at first sight may seem like an old school barber shop landed in the trendy heart of Milan “Colonne di San Lorenzo” right from The 50’s.

Despite the presence of classic leather armchairs with a vintage design, mirrors and antique sofa, Gum offers innovative services to an audience of men and women in search of new ideas and unexpected solutions..



Asymmetrical cuts, bright colours, cleanly cut bangs, but also waves from the 20’s and providential teasing : this is the Gum style, always different while remaining true to itself, fresh and creative.

But it is not over yet. Thanks to the founder of the salon, Stefano Terzuolo, Gum realized a totally organic hair products line with 100% recyclable packaging and, obviously, 50’s inspired graphics to let the clients take care of their hair in the same way as it happens at the salon.


Last note: if you go to Gum try the relaxing massage (for free) and have fun or looking at the framed images that fill the salon’s walls?

Where else could you find that apart from here?




GumSalon Hair Dressing

Via Vetere 9 / Porta Ticinese
20123 MILANO



Ilaria, Leone classe 1980, cresciuta in Umbria a suon di Mila e Shiro e Soldini del Mulino Bianco, si fa adottare da Milano e dai tramonti dei Navigli, di cui si innamora dopo un tormentato master in Bocconi. Lavora come account e sogna una cabina armadio dove poter coccolare le proprie numerosissime borse.
Ama i dolci, gli smalti colorati, lo yogurt greco, la bossanova e curiosare alla scoperta di posti sempre nuovi per stupire gli amici. Da questa passione nasce l’idea di Pepite per Tutti, vero e proprio diario di cose belle e momenti piacevoli da raccontare e condividere… con voi!


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